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Irrico Business Values

Irrico business values are a set of guidelines that the Company expects each of its employees to follow.

Nonobservance of Irrico values can cause negative effect both to the employee and the Company.


1. Result

Result in Irrico = ambitious goals + obtaining success

Irrico employee:

is scrupulous about one’s work

always sets ambitious goals

estimates the ways of achieving them (does planning)

finds solution in any situations

points out problems and proposes the ways to solve them

The Company evaluates the employee by the results, solved tasks and strive for action

2. Permanent improvement

Irrico employee:

learns new subjects and acquires new skills

increases one’s professional level

proposes and introduces improvements

analyses the obtained results and thinks how to improve them

shares one’s experience

retains the mistakes and tries not to repeat them

is open for recommendations and propositions of partners: they help to introduce additional improvements into our work

All Irrico activity is aimed for long-term growth of the Company work efficiency!

3. Teamwork

Irrico employee:

appreciates the contribution and knowledge of others

proposes solutions, expresses one’s opinion and gives reason for it

follows the decisions and rules accepted in the team

helps the other team members to obtain goals

solves conflicts in a constructive way

trains the others and shares information

is objective about oneself and the colleagues

does not shift the blame to the others

is respectful to colleagues and respects opinion different from one’s own

4. Honesty and decency

Irrico employee:

speaks about problem when sees it

admits one’s mistakes

does not make promises one cannot keep

admits success and achievements of others

respects the others

develops friendly and trusting relationships

observes the rules

tells the truth

does not steal and keeps the others away from stealing