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Irrico Group held a meeting with the students of Stavropol agrarian university

On the 3rd of October Irrico representatives held a meeting with 3rd and 4th year students of department of agrobiology and land resources of Stavropol state agrarian university. 

During the meeting the students were presented with material on production activity of the Company. First Deputy CEO for production Smetanin Grigory Nikolaevich shared information about Irrico achievements over recent years, describing the active use of modern technologies, the success of the vegetable sector, vegetable storage capacity and technologically advanced irrigation. The presentation ended with invitation of 3rd year students of Stavropol agrarian university to go through on-the-job training in the Company farms with provided Irrico scholarship, and senior year students were invited to go through internship.

2020 season will be the 3rd within the framework of cooperation between Irrico and Stavropol state agrarian university for providing on-the-job training for the students of the university. During the training the students intensively learn about the work of field agronomist in the direction of crop and vegetables farming under supervision of chief agronomists. All the trainee students are provided with accommodation, 3-time meals a day and working clothes, they have access to the materials that can be used in order to learn about the field experience and to prepare for course works and graduation works. The best trainee students are proposed to join Irrico team after they get the bachelor degree. 



Photo content from Stavropol agrarian university: