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Social policy

 The Company invest over 7 m. RU per year on social support in Ipatovsky, Petrovsky and Apanasenkovsky regions. The physical culture school in Divnoe village and medical station in Sovetskoe Runo were repaired, a memorial for participants of the Great Patriotic War, a church in Malaya Djalga village were built with the help of agricultural company.

Our Group finances road repairing, renders assistance to schools, kinder gardens, recreation centers and hospitals, provides support to veterans and pensioners in Vinodelnensky village and Malay Djalga village, where the Group  farms are located.  

Main implemented projects in 2016

Apanasenkovskii region:

- repair of  physical culture school for children and young people in Divnoe village

- purchase of musical instruments for the  children's musical school in Divnoe village

- celebrity gunfire on Victory Day

- Installation of new gates, fence, door intercommunication system, sanitary wares, playpit in the kinder garden “Alyonushka”, Malaya Djalga village, also provision with food products  of kinder garden foster children

- purchase and installation of video surveillance system in the secondary school № 12, Malaya Djalga village

- purchase of uniform for members of public order squad

Ipatovskii region:

- construction of a chapel in Sovetskoe Runo village

- repair of floors in Ipatovo central regional hospital

- purchase of gifts for the Trade Union of workers of RF public education and science

- improvement of the central square in Vinodelnenskii village

- installation of a play ground in Vinodelnenskii village

- provision of salary for a driver of an ambulance car in Vinodelnenskii village

- repair of  a medical and obstetrical station in Vinodelnenskii village

- computer, printer, electrical water heater and materials for repair of school № 13 in Vinodelnenskii village

- supply with our vegetables to an orphan home and a multi-discipline college in Ipatovo

- payment for attendance of kinder garden “Solnyshko” for indigent and multi-child families in Vinodelnenskii village

- financing of  festive events in Vinodelnenskii village

Petrovskii region:

financing of current necessities of Petrovskii central regional hospital, kinder gardens and schools of Orekhovka village, Vysotskoe village, Gofitskoe village of Petrovskii region

- repair of a fountain in a memorial complex of Vysotskoe village

- co-financing of a roof repair on the monastery canteen of the Church of Protection of the Blessed Virgin in Gofitskoe village

- purchase of a projector for the Cultiral Center of Orekhovka village, air conditioner for the Cultural Center in Vysotskoe village and musical and multimedia equipment for the Cultural Center of Gofitskoe village

- construction of a fitness area in Gofitskoe village