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Irrico's Corporate Values

Irrico's corporate values are a set of guidelines that the Company expects each of its employees to follow. 

Non-compliance with the values of Irrico can lead to negative consequences for both the employee and the Company.


Result in Irrico = ambitious goals + achievement of success

Irrico Employee:

  • takes a responsible approach to his work
  • constantly sets ambitious goals
  • thinks over ways to achieve them (makes plans)
  • finds a solution in any situation
  • identifies problems and suggests solutions

The company evaluates an employee based on his results, solved tasks, and desire for action.

Ongoing improvement

СIrrico Employee:

  • learns new things and acquires new skills
  • improves your professional level
  • proposes and implements improvements
  • analyzes the results and thinks about how to improve them
  • shares his experience
  • fixes mistakes and tries not to repeat them
  • is open to recommendations and suggestions from partners: they help to implement additional improvements in our work

ВAll of Irrico's activities are aimed at long-term growth of the Company's efficiency!


Irrico Employee:

  • appreciates the contribution and knowledge of others
  • offers solutions, expresses and argues his opinion
  • follows the decisions and rules made in the team
  • helps other team members achieve goals
  • constructively solves conflicts
  • educates others and shares information
  • objectively treats himself and his colleagues
  • does not shift the blame to others
  • treats colleagues respectfully, respects opinions other than his own
Honesty and decency

Irrico Employee:

  • talks about a problem when he sees it
  • admits his mistakes
  • does not make obviously impossible promises
  • признает успехи и достоинства других
  • shows respect for others
  • builds friendly and trusting relationships
  • complies with the accepted rules
  • telling the truth
  • does not steal and does not allow others to steal