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Social policy

Irrico is a company with social responsibility, rendering top-priority charity financial assistance to the districts of its operation: Ipatovskiy, Apanasenkovskiy and Petrovskiy districts of the Stavropol Territory.

Irrico pays particular attention to institutions and events of social importance.

Over the past 3 years, the company has provided assistance in the amount of 21.5 million rubles and 57 tons of vegetables.

Main implemented projects:

  • repair of floors in Ipatovo central district hospital
  • maintaining an ambulance vehicle in Vinodelnenskiy village
  • repair of a medical and obstetrical station in Vinodelnenskiy village
  • replacement of heating system in health care center in Gofitskoe village
  • technical survey of  load-bearing structures of hospital in Vysotskoe village
  • purchase of furniture for school № 6 in Ipatovo
  • purchase of materials for repairing, equipping and replacing asphalt coating for school №13 in Vinodelnenskiy village
  • purchase and installation of video surveillance system for school №12 in Malaya Djalga village
  • complete overhaul of central entrance to school №6 in Gofitskoe village
  • Repair of the Center for social and cultural activities in Vinodelnenskiy village
  • Replacement of lighting equipment and flooring in the library of Vinodelnenskiy village
  • construction of a chapel in Sovetskoe Runo village
  • purchase of musical instruments for the  Art center in Divnoe village
  • repair of the facade of the Center for social and cultural activities in Malaya Djalga village
  • technical equipment of the Center for social and cultural activities  in Gofitskoe village
  • fire suppression work and repair of roof over the monastery canteen of the  church in Gofitskoe village
  • repair of the Center for social and cultural activities in Orekhovka village
Improvement of the territory
  • complete overhaul of asphalt coating for the Social service center territory in Ipatovo
  • improvement of central square in Vinodelnenskiy village
  • road repair in Vinodelnenskiy, Malaya Djalga,, Gofitskoe and Vysotskoe villages
  • purchasing and laying of paving slabs for residential care facility for elderly and disabled people in Krasochnyi village  
  • repair of playgrounds in Gofitskoe village
  • improvement of the cemetery in Gofitskoe village
  • arrangement of a  parkland area at the Memorial Complex of Glory in Vysotskoe village
  • Sponsorship for “Kolos” Motoball team in Ipatovo
  • Repair of junior sports school in Divnoe village
  • Repair and improvement of  sports ground in Divnoe village
  • Purchase and installation of workout ground in Gofitskoe village
  • Improvement of the stadium in Vysotskoe village
Population social support
  • gifts to school graduates, New Year's gifts to children from large families and low-income families in Malaya Djalga and  Vinodelnenskiy villages
  • financing of  the district Victory Day events including festive  fireworks and gifts to the veterans
  • supply of own-grown vegetables to kinder gardens, schools, residential care facilities, elderly care institutions, churches, colleges and technical schools