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Irrico Group starts construction of a Vegetable Store with the capacity of 12,000 VN

Irrico Group started growing vegetables in 2015 with a small trial area of potato, carrot, red beet, tomatoes.

In 2016 the Group grew 370 Ha of potato and onion.

The success of a vegetable plan have lead us to start building a modern, high-capacity vegetable storage and packing facility in Vinodelnenskii village Ipatovskii region.

Design work began in 2016 and already in the third quarter of 2017 the first stage with storage capacity up to 6000 tons and daily shipment of up to 200 t. will start work.

In 2018 the Group plans to increase both planted area up to 1400 Ha of vegetables and subsequently 12000 MT of storage capacity.

The vegetable store will be of container type and be equipped with a modern ventilation, refrigeration and packing systems. Total investment will be more than 500 m Ru with a payback period of 3 years.

The latest stage of development of the Group will develop up to 100 new jobs.