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Irrico Saturday clean-up event in Vinodelnenskiy township

Every year Irrico within its abilities supports the districts of company's activity. Saturday clean-up events have become a good tradition which aims to put in order the unkept children's playgrounds in villages and townships, which means creating conditions for sports practice, games and progress of the younger generation. In 2017 a children's playground in Malaya Jalga v. of Apanasenkovskiy district was put into order.

On the 28th of April 2018 Irrico Stavropol office employees went to Vinodelnenskiy t. of Ipatovskiy district for Saturday clean-up event and tidied-up a children's playground by own efforts: fixed and painted the fence, refreshed the painting of the facilities, removed the rubbish and dry scrubs.

Vinodelnenskiy t. children's playground "before"